Artfauxistic Solutions llc

Custom Faux Finishing, murals, art works, and coastal crafts 

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Custom Faux Finishing

We use all sorts of paints, plasters, glazes, gels, metallics and more tried and true mixed materials and techniques to create custom finishes, effectively making a solution for your home or office space, adding dimension, distinction, and beauty, a reflection of you, of your personality.

Coastal Finishes

We offer many coastal finishes from ceilings to walls, and beams, cabinets, tables as well as coastal crafts due to our love of the sand,  shells, and our natural surroundings.

Art work and coastal crafts

We have Art on canvas and wood available for purchase, as well as some fun coastal crafts like our signature pinecone shell ornament and kit to make them yourself, and our hand painted egret  towel holder cut out of pine.  

Artfauxistic Solutions llc in Cape Coral, FL, is a leading provider of faux finishes and painting techniques that truly transform your home or office. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship that exceeds your expectations each and every time. Our name has become synonymous with meticulous attention to detail, and using only known and trusted products to deliver the 'wow' factor. As a long time member of the International Decorative Artisans League (IDAL), we are constantly collaborating with and learning from fellow artisans. We are a family business, faux finishing, art and design led by Jill Giffin, and Finish Carpentry led by Bob Giffin. We look forward to making your project a reality! Give us a call or email.

Jill Giffin       ph. 239 850-3724     [email protected]

Bob Giffin    ph. 239 850-5884    [email protected]